Impact of Postoperative Management on Outcomes and Healing of Rotator Cuff Repairs

This study is trying to find out whether starting physical therapy immediately after a rotator cuff repair or waiting six weeks to start physical therapy will lead to better patient outcomes. 214 patients will be enrolled in this study and followed for one year after their rotator cuff surgery.


We would like to thank the following funding agencies for supporting this research:

  • Arthrex Corporation-Unrestricted Research Gift
  • OREF/ASES/Rockwood Clinical Shoulder Research Family Endowment Fund
  • Supported in part by the Vanderbilt CTSA grantUL1 RR024975 from NCRR/NIH

Support Staff
We are extremely thankful to the support staff at each site for making this study possible.

Veteran Rand 12
Hays, RD (1994). The Medical Outcomes Study (MOS) Measures of Patient Adherence.
Retrieved April 19, 2004, from the RAND Corporation web site:

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